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Relatively recently Instagram allowed its users to change the profile status (personal blog, sportsman, musician, etc.). The function is available only to business accounts, so you can not change the category on your personal page. Their list is constantly updated, so from time to time appear very interesting. Today we will tell you what a fictional character is in Instagram, and how to make or change it.

What it is?

A fictional character is a category that was available for selection in Instagram. Currently deleted. Available only to those accounts that managed to take it. The function itself is still relevant, users can change the profile status, specify the scope of activity.

fictional character in instagram how to make a category

The category is displayed in light gray and is indicated just below the blog title. She is:

  • allows you to select an account among other profiles;
  • It serves as an additional reference point for potential customers;
  • emphasizes the status (athlete, blogger, musician);
  • shows subscribers that you are an expert in the specified area;
  • looks good;
  • allows you to quickly wind up subscribers and likes through special services for integrated promotion ( Doinsta , Pamagram , Zengram ). determines the target audience, which potentially interested in the chosen sphere.

The function is only available to verified accounts, to whose pages the Facebook community is bound (it must be open). The number of subscribers does not matter.

How to choose a category

Selecting the profile status is available only to company profiles. Make a business account from your personal page through the "Settings" menu. To do this, you need a Facebook community where you have administrative rights. If it does not exist, then create. Then do the following:

  1. Go to Facebook using your login and password.
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu. At the bottom of the screen, find the "Create page" line. Click it.
    fictional character in instagram how to make and change
  3. The welcome tab opens. Read the information and click "Start".
  4. Enter a name for the blog. It will help your subscribers find and recognize you. It should match the name of the brand, company or organization, the promotion of which you are engaged. Click "Next".

a fictional character in the instagram where to make

  1. Facebook will prompt you to select one of the available in the list. This will allow users to better understand what your page is about. Try to choose the one that characterizes the profile content. For some, you can select "Subcategory" (this status will be indicated in the Instagram profile).
    how to change the page category of instagram
  2. Click "Next". Additionally, you will be asked to enter the address on the official website of the company, the brand (it will be displayed in the profile), add an image.

fictional character in instagram why do

Save your changes and make sure that the information entered appears on the Facebook page. After that, you can proceed to setup the Instagram profile. Here:

  1. Go to your Instagram using the login data.
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu and click on the "Linked accounts" line.
  3. A list of available social networks will appear, select "Facebook" and specify the data of the page that you recently created and configured (indicated the status).
  4. Enter your login (e-mail address or phone number) and password from Facebook. Click Login.

If you did everything correctly, a light gray inscription with the name of the subcategory will automatically appear on the page in Instagram. Sometimes it happens after a while (maximum after 24 hours).

How to change the category

If the selected category is no longer relevant or you want to change the information, then:


  1. Go to Facebook profile.

fictional character in instagram how to make a category

  1. In the menu on the left, find the "Information" field and click on it.
    where to change the category of the profile of the instagram
  2. The tab will open, where there is a description, contact information of the community. Find the "Category" in the list. Here is written the status, which was mentioned earlier (blogger, cultural figure, musician).

how to change profile inscription in your personal blog

  1. Click on it. Select the current status from the list or start typing it manually (hints will appear). We can mark a few.

fictional character in instagram how to draw where to choose

Save your changes. The information is updated not only on Facebook, but also on linked pages. This may take a while. If in a day the category in Instagram remains the same (but changed in Facebook), then try to restart into Instagram, disconnect, and then link to the Facebook community profile.

a fictional character in instagram how to make a personal blog

Attention! A "fictional character" is not available for selection. If you change it to another (personal blog, sportsman), then you can not put it back.

If you use services to cheat subscribers (BOSSLIKE, LIKEMANIA), then for pages that have a category specified, you can quickly find potentially interested in the content of users. So do not forget to change the information there.


Be sure to include a category in the profile. It is advantageous to allocate your account against the background of "ordinary". Make sure that it exactly corresponds to the topic of Instagram. If you doubt the choice, and the profile content is different, then put the "Personal Blog". This is a general category that will emphasize the status of the blogger, but will not clutter you when selecting content.

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